How Tall Will I Be? – An Accurate Way To Predict Your Adult Height

by admin on January 5, 2013

predict your adult height

predict your adult height

In this post we will be looking at how you can predict what your end height is likely to be. This will help the readers that are looking for an accurate way to predict your adult height.

NOTE: Before we run through how to work out your adult height you should know that while it will predict your height within a few inches. However you should also bear in mind that it is just a guide.

So How Do You Predict Your Adult Height?

Here is what you need to do to predict your height.

Add your fathers and mothers height together in either inches or centimetres.

Add 5 inches (13cm) for boys or if you are a girl subtract 5 inches (13cm) off the total.

Then divide the number by 2 and you have your height.

This is fairly accurate and you will find that most children will get to within 4 inches of this height.

Here is an example of how to use the height calculator:

Let’s say my Mother is 5ft 5inches and my Dad is 5ft 10inches.

That would mean my Mother is 165cm and my Dad is 177cm

If we add them both together we get: 342cm

Now I will add 13cm as I am a boy, if you are a girl you will subtract 13cm at this point.

That brings my total to: 355cm

Now we divide the sum by 2 = 177.5cm which is 5ft 8inches.

Give it a go and you should have a good idea about what you will be looking at for your adult height.

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