How To Grow Taller Once You Reach Adulthood – Is It For Real?

by admin on December 27, 2012

How To Grow Taller

How To Grow Taller

Welcome to the MakeMeGrowTaller blog. In the coming weeks we will tell you everything you need to know about increasing your height both through artificial measures and of course whether or not it is possible to actually increase your height by a few inches for real!

Probably the most asked question I get through the Make Me Grow Taller website is:

“Can you really grow taller once you have reached adulthood?”

I thought that would be an excellent place to start and today we will look at some of the myths of gaining height and what YOU can expect if you want to gain height.

The Truth About Growing Taller:

You may have heard different methods that are supposed to help you gain height and some of these include:


Lots Of Rest

Exercises & Yoga

Now this is not entirely untrue, SOME of these methods work to help you gain height. HOWEVER there are some key points missing from MOST “grow taller” programs. For instance you will not simply grow taller by “eating your greens” or sleeping a lot.

What you REALLY need to do is understand what makes us grow in the first place and it all comes down to the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is inside all of us. The time that this is released is during puberty and that is why EVERYONE goes through a growth spurt. However some people grow taller than others and this is down to your genetics, family tree etc…

That said you are not doomed if you come from a short family as it can skip a generation and if you ARE already short you can make a HUGE change as long as you understand the minerals you need, amino acids and how to manipulate the HGH which as mentioned above is released during puberty.

If you do these 3 things you will experience a second growth spurt!

In some cases people have experienced up to 6 inches in height gain!

Another question before people use Make Me Grow Taller is:

“I thought my backbone has fused and I can’t grow any taller?”

Well the backbone contains 33 separate segments that are known as vertebrae and these are held together by ligaments but the thing is that ONLY the lower 9 are fused! Admittedly that means that you cannot stretch them or “grow taller” using those 9 but you still have 24 vertebrae that you can use to grow taller!

The thicknesses of the discs in between the vertebrae that hold you up so to speak directly influence your current height. It is these discs that can grow thicker at ANY age and add inches to your height.

This is where Make Me Grow Taller comes in.

We give you a complete course that will show you how to grow taller by releasing HGH which will thicken the discs in between the vertebrae and add inches to your height!

Of course exercise, diet and enough rest helps BUT what you need is a REAL action plan you can follow from start to finish and SEE results!

The normal height gain you will experience is up to 4 inches and in some cases 6 inches. We also back up the entire course with a full 60 day guarantee.

Check out the Make Me Grow Taller program and start gaining height fast >>

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