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From the Desk of: James Sampson,
Creator of “Make Me Grow Taller”

I used to dread going to school.

The nicknames. The teasing. The constant bullying.

And all because of a few inches in height.

Sure, it seemed funny and harmless enough on the outside.  I quickly learned that making jokes about my shortness would deflect a lot of the pain and humiliation I felt inside. 

“Hehe, yeah...James, the funny little man”.

While other guys my age were starting to have girlfriends and get picked first for sports teams and games… I stayed single and got picked last (if I got picked at all).

You can imagine what kind of effect this has on a guy’s self esteem growing up!

Keep in mind, all this happened before the internet, so I couldn’t just look up ways to “grow taller” and try a bunch of stuff while hoping for the best.

Fast Forward to Last Year: The Moment that Changed My Life Forever.

I came across an article in a sports magazine talking about HGH – the Human Growth Hormone. 

I learned that growth hormone had been used for decades in athletic sports and training events because it stimulated the pituitary activity in the brain and jump-started the body into producing and regenerating healthy growth cells.

That got my attention.

The article and HGH studies were intriguing.  And next to it, I saw an ad for something that immediately caught my eye – a supplemental “Growth Formula” that promised significant height gain.

I didn’t think twice about ordering it, even though the price was a bit steep for my 20-something self.  All the embarrassment about my height was about to become history.  I instantly saw myself as the person I’d always wanted to be – the more muscular, more handsome, no-longer-single, taller me!
This was sure to be the answer to all my problems.

The Only Problem Was… It Damn Near Killed Me.

My cholesterol levels shot through the roof (even though my diet was fine!)  I started feeling numbness and tingling in my hands and feet.  My joints and muscles ached with every step to the point where I didn’t even want to get out of bed.

Far from making me feel taller…this supplement made me feel like an old man!

I stopped it immediately, and although it took weeks for my body to right itself again, I swore off taking any kind of herbs that I didn’t research more thoroughly first – no matter how incredible their promises seemed.

Back to Square One

But even though I’d had a close call, my mind kept going back to the potential of human growth hormone. I wondered if there might be a way to stimulate the body’s natural HGH response – just as puberty does for teenagers.

I spent months researching different methods, interviewing bodybuilders, fitness fanatics and of course, lots of people who were simply taller despite their genetics.

I knew there had to be a key.

Finally, Just 6 Weeks Later, All My Hard Work Paid Off – I’d Gained 4 Inches in Height – Permanently!

As it turns out, there is no “switch” you can flip to instantly gain height.  There are, however, proven methods and steps you can follow to naturally jump-start the body’s growth mechanism and give yourself anywhere from 2-4 extra inches in height – Just like the REAL HGH – only without the harsh and questionable side effects!

And I’m Going to Share Them All with You – In One Safe, Do-Able Plan I Call…

Make Me Grow Taller!


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But before you get too excited, let me tell you what Make Me Grow Taller is NOT:

  • It’s NOT a bunch of junk supplements that fill your head with false promises.  I’ve already had one bad experience with questionable “formulas”. I don’t want to repeat it and I certainly don’t advise you to!

  • It’s NOT unproven theories or suggestions that “might” work – I’ve personally used the very same methods I’ll share with you to permanently add 4 inches to my height.  Results are quick, easy and guaranteed.



"I gained 3 Inches in Height in 4 weeks..."

"I have been searching for a way to gain a bit of height for ages and to be honest has given up on the idea, until I stumbled across your website!

Of course I was interested and since you mentioned the guarantee I decided to give it a go!

I am amazed!

I gained 3 inches in height in 4 weeks which I am VERY happy with!

This stuff really works!

I just wish I had found something like this 20 years ago!

Thank You for an awesome guide and course!"

Miguel Rodriguez 
37 Years Old 
Puerto Rico




"Results After Just 2 Weeks!"

"Just thought I would drop you a quick email to say Thank You for making this guide available! I was in quite a bad way worrying about my height and things were not good.

I am starting to see results after just 2 weeks!

Not at my ideal height yet but it is awesome to see results!

I will keep you posted but seems to be doing the trick!

Thanks Again."

Robert Duncan 
44 Years Old 





“Make Me Grow Taller is a Proven Plan of Action to Boost Your Height in a Safe, Effective, Measurable Way!”

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn, Just Minutes from Now:

  • What I recommend eating for maximum results – fast!  Your body grows and develops based on what you feed it.  Feed it full of junk and you’ll feel like junk…sluggish, unable to concentrate and tired all the time.  Feed it full of these key nutrients (many of which I’d never even knew about before I did my research), and you’ll create the foundation for positive height gain. 

  • The hidden truth about which supplements to take – and which to avoid – There are only a few supplements I recommend that are completely safe, all-natural and worth taking if you want to increase your height.  These herbs are formulated for maximum purity and potency, so you can feel confident that you’re giving your body precisely what it needs to stimulate growth the natural way.

  • Which exercises boost your height and how often to do them – Certain exercises are designed to properly stretch and work certain muscle groups to prepare them for growth and to keep your new, taller height once you reach your goal. 


"Gained A Whole Inch And A Half..."

"I started using your Make Me Grow Taller course about a week ago and just wanted to let you know I have gained a whole inch and a half!

I know it is not that much yet, but I am amazed and very happy it is working!

Thank you!!!"

Sam Chambers
19 Years Old
Florida, U.S.A







"3 Inches In Height Gained..."

"Just wanted to say awesome guide and wanted to make a confession!

I actually bought this guide for my sister in law as she is always complaining about her height!

It was a birthday present and I bought it as a half joke!!!

Well let me tell you I am in her good books! She says she has gained 3 inches in height in 2 and a half weeks and she couldn't be happier!

Not sure how it works - but it works!

Good job!"

Paul Connor
29 Years Old





“Not the Same Old Rehashed Techniques You Find in Other Books and Guides!”

Before I created Make Me Grow Taller, I read all the guides, articles and ebooks out there on the subject – and let me tell you, some of them are full of advice that’s not just wrong… it’s downright BAD for you.

Beyond helping people add inches to their height, I wanted to create a guide that wasn’t just full of information, but actual do-it-yourself steps that anyone, at any age, can follow.

And I wanted to debunk some of the unbelievable exercises and “half-truths” these books suggest – some of which could injure you permanently!

Don’t put your health and wellness at risk.  Follow the steps I’ve presented, and start adding real, measurable height in just weeks.  I guarantee it. (More on that below!)

So How Much Does it Cost to Get My Hands on the Real Secrets to Growing Taller?

By following my specific, action-oriented plan – you’ll not only learn exactly what steps to take to grow taller permanently, but you’ll also feel healthier, boost your self esteem and self-image, and discover a new-found confidence you never knew you had!

And those are the kinds of benefits that you simply can’t put a price tag on!

When I shared my methods with some of my “vertically-challenged” friends (we short people have to stick together, you know!), they immediately told me to price this information at $50 or more.  That would surely pay for all the years of torment and abuse I dealt with – and I’d be smiling all the way to the bank!

But I didn’t think that was fair to you.

Just like when I started out as the nearly-broke 20-something guy looking for quick answers and getting the shock of my life – I want you to save your hard-earned money and get your hands on scientifically-proven methods without it costing an arm and a leg.

That’s why, to the sheer shock (and disappointment) of my friends, I’m pricing Make Me Grow Taller at a special introductory rate of just $34.95

That’s a small price to pay for a few extra inches that could make all the difference between:

  • Getting the attention of that hot girl or guy or staying single because “who actually dates short people?” (that’s honestly what a girl in school once asked me!)

  • Getting that new promotion and pay raise instead of being passed over because you didn’t “measure up” (no pun intended!)

  • Getting a huge boost to your self-confidence and your image because you were named captain of the team or got a place on the field instead of being the short, stubby benchwarmer.

And if these reasons weren’t enough, I’ll even go one step further and give you this promise:

I Personally Guarantee “Make Me Grow Taller” Will Add 2-5 Inches to Your Height in 6 Weeks or Less –
or You Don’t Pay For It!


In fact, I’ll give you two full months to try it out, absolutely risk-free.  That’s double the time it would normally take to increase your height naturally – but I don’t want you to just be satisfied with the guide…. I want you to be positively ELATED.

So you don’t even have to decide now if these methods will really work for you. Just get the guide for yourself and try them.  If it doesn’t work (which I highly doubt!), you risk nothing, because I’ll give you back every penny of your money – I guarantee it.

And with two full months to try it out – you’ve got nothing to lose (except your shortness!), so click below to get started on the first step toward the new, taller you!


You will NOT Find A Better System That Gives You REAL Results ANYWHERE!

I Will Even Back Up The Make Me Grow Taller System With A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee:



With your purchase of the Make Me Grow Taller System you will get a SPECIAL BONUS guide for FREE!

"The Rise Of YOU!"

We ALL know that increasing your height will boost your self-confidence but to make sure you get the BEST from the course we are going to give you a complete course in self confidence that features:

  • What Is Self Confidence?
  • Why Don’t We Have It?
  • Building Self Confidence
  • Barriers To Progress
  • 100 Confidence Builders
  • 20 Self Confidence Affirmations
  • Confidence Boosting Exercises!

So even BEFORE you start seeing results you can boost your self confidence!

WARNING: This bonus when paired with the Make Me Grow Taller System can make you VERY Confident!!!



Order The Make Me Grow Taller System + Bonuses And Start Seeing Results Today!

You can grab the COMPLETE system and get started straight away even if it is 4am in the morning!

You will get INSTANT ACCESS to the full product and can start seeing results in your first week!

If you are TIRED of being treated different because you are short and you want to make a change you owe it to YOURSELF to give the Make Me Grow Taller system a go!

Backed up with a full 100% Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose!

Get started RIGHT NOW and make that change!





I look forward to hearing your new height success story!

James Sampson,

P.S., If you’ve always wanted to add a few inches to your height but wanted to do it in a way that was safe, natural and fast – “Make Me Grow Taller” is the only guide you’ll ever need.  It’s over 160 pages of real, actionable details that are carefully outlined in a do-able plan that will help you see results in just 6 weeks or less – guaranteed!

Don’t miss out on the life and the  (good) attention you’ve always wanted!   Act now and get the complete guide for just $34.95 for a limited time!  All backed by my personal 60-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!






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